Malibu Canyon Camp is dedicated to sustainability.

We are proud to be located on the MUSE School campus, one of the greenest campuses in the US. We want to take care of our environment while having fun at camp! We kindly request that all of our campers, staff, and camp families join our eco-efforts when visiting or attending camp. We ask that campers refrain from bringing the following items to camp:

  • Plastic water bottles
  • Cellophane/Plastic Wrap
  • Plastic Straws
  • Candy
  • Single Use Plastic Utensils
  • Single Use Paper or Cups
  • Styrofoam

Eco-Minded Features of Our Campus

Our land clearly demonstrates the green goals we set out to achieve long-term. Some of our improvements and sustainability initiatives, include:

  • Building design
  • Classroom Cabins designed to maximize natural light
  • Super-insulated and air-sealed construction for comfort and energy efficiency
  • Materials
  • Durable, polished slab floors and reclaimed wood floors, both for improved indoor air quality
  • Ceramic-based concrete counter tops, free of toxin-containing Portland cement
  • Wood reclaimed from existing buildings and re-milled on site for new construction
  • Double- and triple-glazed windows and various reclaimed sources
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic joint compounds, paints, primers and finishes, many made from natural materials
  • Single gallon, pressure assist toilets; waterless urinals; and wave control faucets
  • Multiple items upcycled into play areas or other functions throughout the campus


  • Super efficient and healthy heating and cooling systems
  • Energy recovery ventilation systems with automated controls for introducing fresh air
  • Solar thermal and high efficiency hot water system
  • Whole building water filtration systems
  • Daylight dimming controls and wireless/battery-less switching to reduce energy consumption