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Choose Your Passion

Select a different specialty each week or focus on just one specialty for multiple weeks! From Vet Camp to Rock Band Camp, we have something for everyone's special interest!
Vet Camp
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Vet Camp

Do you have a love for animals? Get a chance to experience the different things real Vets do each day. Campers will work closely with their two and four-legged friends learning everything about what they eat, where they live, how they play and where they fit in our ecosystem. Learn how to care for domestic, exotic and wild animals both large and small while working side-by-side with real Vets and our resident Falconer who know the animals the best. Campers will learn the basics of pet first-aid and CPR, help feed and care for our camp animals, visit local shelters and Veterinary clinics, and much more. Let’s learn what we can do to help our animal friends!  


Are you a budding scientist? Investigate the world around you and discover a new appreciation for science and nature as you participate in real science experiments. Build and launch rockets, mix chemicals and make slime, erupt volcanoes, create robots, build a water aquarium, learn about the constellations and galaxies, and more!  Campers will learn about properties in the world around us and make important connections between science and other disciplines through hands-on learning. Discover the “mad scientist” within.  

Top Chef

Are you the next top chef? Whether you can already whip up a great meal or are just interested in learning how to cook, this summer you will be one step closer to cooking like a real Top Chef.  Learn from MCC’s own professional chef how to sauté, simmer, slice, bake, blend, and fold.  Campers will create a variety of amazing meals and desserts that will dazzle your family and friends! Let’s get cooking!    

Why Choose Malibu Canyon Camp?

Malibu Canyon Camp is a unique day camp where all campers feel safe, cared for and part of a community. Whether your child is with us for one week or an entire summer, we strive to inspire learning about ourselves, our community and the planet as a whole all in a dynamic, picturesque camp environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite each camper’s individual passions and inspire them to explore new ones in a fun, safe and sustainable environment. Malibu Canyon Camp is the premiere children’s day camp focused on living in a sustainable way and inspiring our campers to become future leaders in preserving and caring for our planet, all while having fun in a safe, non-competitive environment. Everything we do at Malibu Canyon Camp is geared towards inspiring creativity, building confidence and independence, having fun, and minimizing our carbon footprint.